Buzzfeed Asks Non-Muslim Women To Wear Hijabs

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    Buzzfeed, doing some cultural education for the benefit of humanity. Good for them! They hired Edina Lekovic to explain the purpose of the hijab to four women who were unfamiliar.

    Then, all four non-Muslim women wore the hijab for the remainder of the day. Surprisingly enough, none of them were overly scrutinized or confronted. Maybe not what Buzzfeed wanted, but at least we can feel the tiniest bit better about humanity, if only for a moment.

    Here’s the part that made me go “WHHAAAA???”

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    How do you forget you’re going to New York on the day you’re going? I mean, every time I fly, especially if it’s a flight late in the day, as this one appears to be, I spend the entire day making sure I have everything packed, worrying about traveling, ensuring I will get to the airport two hours early, etc. etc. etc.

    Not that this should take away from the important message that comes through in this video, but seriously, how does this happen?