Ex Power Ranger Kills Roommate with Sword

  • UPDATE: Ricardo Medina has not yet been charged with a crime and will be released. TMZ has learned that Medina claims he acted in self defense.


  • Here’s a news story that has absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl, unless you count how Katy Perry started her half-time show.

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  • Palmdale, CA. Ricardo Medina, who played the red ranger in Power Rangers Wild and Power Rangers (wait for it) Samurai, got into an argument with his roommate Joshua Sutter on Sunday afternoon. After his roommate became violent Medina (the red ranger) and his girlfriend tried to escape to his bedroom, but when Sutter forced his way in Medina grabbed the only weapon he had in his bedroom: his Samurai sword.

    Using the sharpest sword ever used by a power ranger, Medina stabbed Sutter once in the abdomen and called 911. Sutter was later pronounced dead at a hospital and Medina was arrested on charges of murder.

    Medina’s bail has been set at $1 million.

    This is bad news for Power Rangers fans everywhere since he was on the show for almost ten years.

    via Time

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