Chris Christie #TellingItLikeItIs: Let the Insults Begin

  • New Jersey governor Chris Christie is running for president, and the insults are already flying.

    Gov. Christie declared his candidacy for president today, vowing that as president, “there is one thing you will know for sure: I say what I mean and I mean what I say. […] We must tell each other the truth about the problems we have and the difficulties of the solution.”

    He emphasized that point on Twitter by launching a #TellingItLikeItIs hashtag, which is going completely smoothly with no shenanigans whatsoe— ah crap.

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  • Have we learned nothing about hashtags this week, guys?

    Joining in the spirit of the campaign, New Jersey news site created a Chris Christie insult generator with some of his rudest remarks, for the next time you want to open a can of #TellItLikeItIs on someone’s ass.

    A few choice examples:

  • Christie 1
  • Christie 2
  • Christie 3