María Retires From ‘Sesame Street’ After 44 Years

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  • Sad news for Sesame Street fans young and old – “Maria” aka Sonia Manzano is retiring after 44 years on the show.

    The Puerto Rican-American actor and television writer played Maria, TV wife of Louis and co-owner of the Fix It Shop, who hung out with Big Bird and Elmo while giving useful life lessons to children. She was one of the first Latinas on television and won multiple Emmys for her writing.

    Maria was a great role model for young girls during her time on the show, during which she taught words in Spanish, got married and had a baby, and had a successful career. Here are a few memorable moments:

  • Maria shows you how to say “hello” in Spanish

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  • Maria wants a raise

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  • Maria and Luis are in love

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