Pope Changes Clothes at Burger King

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  • We’ve all been there – you’re out in public and you’re running late and need to change clothes and you’re like “Look, there’s a Burger King right here, I’m sure their bathroom isn’t that dirty.” Which is exactly the situation Pope Francis – the freaking Pope! – found himself in on the way to Mass in Santa Cruz, Bolivia this week.

    Popes, you know? They’re just like the rest of us. Except he probably didn’t have a hangover at the time.

    Pope Francis took a detour to the fast-food restaurant on Thursday to change his vestments before Mass, because the place was closed for customers.

    The staff were more than happy to help, covering the floor-to-ceiling windows with white curtains to give him privacy. (Did they have the curtains in storage on the off chance the Pope would swing by or something?)

    No word on whether he grabbed a Croissan’wich and some coffee on his way out.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

    “Welcome Pope Francis, thank you for choosing the restaurant BK El Cristo as your sacristy. Burger King Bolivia receives you with open arms.”