Car Drives Backwards for Miles Down LA’s Laurel Canyon

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  • Driving backwards for miles down a winding road is pretty bad even for Los Angeles standards.

    A guy named Kevin Zanazanian caught this amazing incident of reckless driving on his cell phone: a man driving his Audi in reverse down Laurel Canyon Boulevard, from Mulholland to Sunset, with a woman in the passenger seat.

    “Only in LA, man,” Zanazanian says. “Only in LA.” Which is what every Angelino is required by law to say in these situations.

    Not condoning this kind of behavior, which must have been stressful and obnoxious to everyone else on the road – but you gotta admit, the guy handles the turns pretty well for most of the drive.

    Los Angeles police are now looking for the driver of the car, saying it was “some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen.”