Senator Lindsey Graham on Destroying Your Cell Phone

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    After Senator Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump a “jackass” for saying Senator John McCain is not a war hero because he was captured, Trump responded by sharing Graham’s personal cell phone number with the crowd (and the cameras) at a campaign stop. This caused his phone to blow up with calls from across the country.

    Obviously Graham had to get a new phone. Then he teamed up with the Independent Journal Review to demonstrate how to destroy your cell phone, just in case The Donald ever decides to doxx you for some reason.

    Top methods apparently include chopping it with a meat cleaver, throwing it in a blender, hitting it with a stick pinata-style, hitting it with a golf club, dropping a brick on it, dropping it off a building and putting it in an oven. Safe to say his old phone is well and truly dead.

    “This is for all the veterans,” Graham says, before flinging his phone across the room.