“Carter Never Raped Me” – The Carter Reynolds Meltdown Continues

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    The gross Carter Reynolds saga just refuses to die. Days after he was kicked out of VidCon over his month-long sexual assault scandal, and roughly a week after he threatened suicide, his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann has gone on Twitter telling people to stop calling him a rapist – and apologizing for “letting it get this far.”

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  • Let’s take a second to review what “this far” is and exactly why it didn’t blow over:

    Last month, a video leaked of Reynolds and Lindemann, who was underage at the time. Reynolds pulled down his pants and exposed himself to her, and when she said “I’m really uncomfortable” he laughed and chanted “Do it! Do it!”

    While calling him a rapist may be a centimeter or two on the side of inaccurate, the facts are that Lindemann was below the age of consent and clearly upset, and the sight of Reynolds exposing himself and refusing to take no for an answer was just disturbing – which is more than enough to make the internet go for its pitchforks and torches.

    The resulting meltdown had thousands of angry people accusing him of sexual assault, while he went on unhinged rants and told his fans to get tags like #WeLoveYouCarter to trend. Things reached a boiling point on July 19, with Lindemann in a hospital feeling suicidal, and Reynolds harshly mocking her and then threatening suicide and going to a hospital himself.

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    And after all that, he decided it would be a good idea to turn up to VidCon last weekend.

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    Other creators like Onision and Meghan Tonjes – as well as crowds of angry VidCon guests screaming at him in the hotel lobby – demanded that he leave. Security had him removed from the hotel, both to keep him away from underaged girls and to prevent someone from attacking him, and VidCon co-founder Hank Green publicly tweeted Reynolds telling him not to come back (those tweets have since been removed).

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  • Just my opinion, but I think things have gone too far largely because Carter Reynolds just doesn’t know when to quit.