UFO Sighted Near JFK Airport?

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Real or fake, this video of a UFO lurking near an airliner is just another thing to worry about the next time you have to fly.

    Facebook is buzzing today over the video taken near JFK Airport last month, showing a mysterious object flying in the background as a commercial airliner takes off. It’s hard to make out its shape, but it seems to change size a bit as it moves past the cockpit.

    The FAA said Saturday that it is investigating several drone sightings at the airport – and c’mon, maybe the camera person just caught another airliner far in the distance and the morphing thing is just a trick of the light – but it’s way more fun to get creeped out by the way the object seems to skim close to the plane, like it’s examining a more primitive aircraft or something.