Eat24 Giving Away Tacos Whenever Donald Trump says “Mexico”

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    Not interested in Donald Trump’s presidential run but really into tacos? You might want to tune in to the GOP presidential debate on Fox News tonight, because Eat 24 is giving away free tacos any time Trump says the word “Mexico.” And let’s face it, he’s probably going to say it a lot.

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  • Wondering what kind of words will come out of his mouth? Us too! We’re not very political, but after reading a few articles on TMZ, we learned that Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) really likes to talk about Mexico. That’s why Eat24 is giving away one free taco every time Trump says the word “Mexico” during the debate.

    All you need to do is watch the first GOP primary debate (Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Fox News) and wait for Mr. You’re Fired to say “Mexico.” Yup, every time (every. single. time.) Donald Trump says “Mexico,” Eat24 will post a coupon code on Twitter @Eat24 for $5 off* your order of $10 or more on or the Eat24 app(#HolaDonald).

  • Trump, of course, is known for making classy remarks about why we need to build a wall between America and Mexico during his presidential speech announcement, which led to NBC, Univision and a bunch of other companies cutting ties with him.

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    Pretty brilliant marketing from Eat24 – though Trump should not be underestimated with this kind of stuff. When Gawker released Trump’s cellphone number to the public as a kind of payback for him telling everyone Lindsey Graham’s number that one time, Trump turned it into his own publicity stunt by setting up his phone to play a campaign message that promotes his website and Twitter account.