Weatherman Reacts to San Francisco Earthquake

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  • A relatively small earthquake rattled much of the San Francisco area early this morning – and because this is California, everyone’s startled overreaction has sent #earthquake to the top of the national Twitter trends list.

    One of the most popular reactions happened on live TV, when the 4.0 quake hit in the middle of a weather report with KTVU’s Steve Paulson.

    “Oh my gosh, we’re having an earthquake!” he says, grabbing the wall behind him. “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. This is a good one.”

    He managed to get through the quake and the end of his report without swearing, though he seemed pretty nervous afterwards. “All right. That was a big ‘un. I’m gonna throw it back to you guys.”

    People are also enjoying these two cute puppies being shaken from their nap by the quake and looking very puzzled.

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    Nobody seems to have been hurt and there’s no widespread damage, so we’re all free to make sarcastic jokes about it for the rest of the day.

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