Charlie Sheen Addresses His HIV Status

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    All eyes will be on Charlie Sheen tomorrow morning, and not for his usual drug-and-sex-scandal exploits. Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Charlie Sheen will be on the “Today” show tomorrow for a “personal announcement” amid reports that he’s HIV positive:

    Following Sheen’s decision to appear on the show, a tabloid report surfaced on Monday claiming that the former Two and a Half Men star has known about his diagnosis for the past four years. According to the tabloid, Sheen “made the heartbreaking confession” to multiple individuals, and has already begun a regimen of medication meant to counteract the effects of the disease.

    If true, this is troubling news for the controversial actor – but even more troubling are reports that he knew about his condition for over a year and failed to tell any of the women he slept with. One ex-girlfriend, former porn star Bree Olson, seemed to confirm this with a tweet about getting tested for HIV:

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    TMZ reports that Sheen tried to keep his status under wraps, but confidantes leaked the information and several of his former partners threatened lawsuits. Sheen reportedly got them to sign confidentiality agreements in exchange for money.

    Unsettling, and certainly not a laughing matter.

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    UPDATE: Charlie Sheen confirmed on the Today Show that he is HIV positive, but says that he does not have AIDS and that he informed all his sexual partners of his condition before they had sex.

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