“Free Me!” – Viner Bryan Silva Arrested for Abduction, Firearm Possession

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  • Stories about Vine stars getting into trouble aren’t exactly rare, but this one’s kind of a doozy.

    Viner Bryan Silva, who I hadn’t heard of and needed to spend an unpleasant 30 minutes researching, is a weird skinny dude who got internet famous by standing shirtless in his bathroom and making weird gun noises into the mirror, which spawned the “gratata” meme. He also appeared on Tosh.0 and has starred in gay porn (not that there’s anything wrong with gay porn).

    And last weekend, Silva allegedly threatened his teenage girlfriend with a gun and then barricaded himself in his home for three hours when the police arrived.

    During the standoff, Silva kept posting things to Facebook, including a video of himself drinking vodka and another with the caption “Y’all pigs can suck my monster dick” – but eventually he was arrested and led outside with his pants around his ankles.

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  • The latest update is that he granted an exclusive jailhouse interview to Charlottesville news station NBC29, only to repeat “Free me” over and over again and not offer any details about what happened. He wouldn’t talk about what led up to the dispute or why he barricaded himself in the house and said it was “a big mix-up, a big confusion”.

    “Free me,” he said again. “That’s all I have to say. Thank you. I’m done.”

    I hope so.