The Town of Whitesboro Still Loves Their Racist Official Logo

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  • The people of Whitesboro, New York, voted yesterday to keep their official seal, which depicts a white man grabbing an American Indian by the throat and knocking him to the ground.

    The town’s name and seal are so over the top, I was sure it was a joke the first time I saw it – you might notice a striking similarity between this seal and the racist “Trail of Chief Wamapo” mural from the hit show “Parks and Recreation” – but this is very much legit.

    According to the Whitesboro website, the seal depicts “a friendly wrestling match that helped foster good relations between [town founder Hugh] White and the Indians.”

    Out of 1,900 registered voters, only 212 showed up to cast a ballot; and 157 of those people, 74% of the turnout, voted to keep the seal.

    Young voter Elizabeth Brigham explained why she was against this decision:

    “My generation is growing in a way where we are asking for more equality and more peace, and unfortunately our original logo doesn’t always depict that to people who don’t live here.”

    Residents were allowed to submit alternate designs for the seal, which got some pretty comical responses – a seal with former NHL goalie Robert Esche, for example.

    We hear Jessica Williams and a crew from “The Daily Show” were in Whitesboro to cover the vote, and we can’t wait to see their reporting on the topic.