Garbage Truck Explodes in New Jersey

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  • I like to compare internet arguments to garbage fires sometimes, but I’ve never seen a literal garbage fire before, much less a garbage explosion.

    I still think it’s an apt analogy.

    Residents in New Jersey had an unpleasant morning after a garbage truck exploded outside their homes, leaving four houses damaged. One resident got the whole thing on video (and impressively, they barely even flinched when the truck blew).

    As reported in this article from The Blaze (ha):

    The dump truck blew up after catching fire on a street in Hamilton, New Jersey, Tuesday afternoon, causing one of the truck’s four natural gas tanks to to explode and rocket into one nearby home.

    “I saw big pieces of steel and stuff like that come flying into my kitchen,” Hamilton resident Doris Pattley, who was in her living room when the tank shot into her house, told

    The explosion also caused debris to tear through the roof of the house directly across from Pattley’s residence, and two other houses ended up with melted siding and broken windows.

    No-one was injured, fortunately – the two truck operators noticed smoke filling the cab and got the hell out of there. It certainly didn’t help matters after the crippling winter storms in the area, though.