Parking Garage Demolition Goes Wrong

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  • This Tuesday the demolition of the Corporate Plaza parking garage near Houston didn’t quite go as planned. An excavator for Cherry Demolition was working on the remains of the five-story structure when the entire thing collapsed on top of him.

    The area was covered in dust and debris, but thankfully, and rather amazingly, both the excavator and the machine he was operating survived.

    The incident was captured on tape with a remarkably stable hand, and thankfully in landscape, by Andrew Griz (@drewgriz) and later posted to YouTube. Since then it has seen over a quarter of a million views.

    The majority of the comments on the original video were either from people from various news outlets requesting permission to use the footage or from the snark-set making fun of those people. Others included :

    Aaron Godwin: i can vape clouds bigger than that. pathetic

    Rick Stillwell: OK, took care of that garage. On to the next project after lunch.

    Mr. Griz took to Periscope and captured more footage and commentary at the site, but didn’t archive those recordings. Possibly because he picked the highest bidder from the list of those reaching for interview and footage requests.

    We’re guessing the excavator has refused to comment and kept his identity out of the press because he knows no one will want him on their Jenga team from here on out.