This sounds like the worst vacation ever.
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  • Any time a cruise ship makes headlines, it’s a safe bet that it won’t be pretty. The boat’s either crashing and sinking off the coast of Tuscany, or everyone aboard gets a stomach bug and has to be quarantined – or the ship sails straight into the middle of a storm for some reason.

    It’s enough to make you want to stay on dry land for all your future vacations.

    NPR reports that “all hell broke loose” as Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas cruise liner hit severe weather on its way to the Bahamas:

    The Anthem of the Seas — one of the world’s largest cruise ships, at more than 168,000 tons — ran into the powerful storm off the coast of the Carolinas on Sunday afternoon. Extreme conditions that shattered glass and damaged roof panels on the ship prompted the captain to order passengers to stay in their cabins.

    More than 6,000 people were on board, but only four people were injured, and everyone made it home safe.

    It’s a bit ironic to us that in the same week, it was announced that a replica of the Titanic – you know, that famous ship that sank in dangerous seas in 1912 and killed 1,503 people – will be going on its maiden voyage in 2018.

    Here’s hoping the cruise goes a bit better this time around.