“PrezSelfieGirls” Aim to Take Pics with Every Presidential Candidate

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  • A couple of times a year, some older columnist starts fretting and wondering whether teenaged girls taking selfies all the time will lead to the downfall of our civilization.

    Couple of questions: If the teen girls are taking their selfies with presidential candidates, are they still considered vapid and narcissistic? And if so, are they more or less so than the candidates who get into Twitter fights all the time?

    Personally I really like this project from Addy and Emma Nozell, two New Hampshire teenagers who have set out to take a selfie with all the 2016 presidential candidates.

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  • They’ve managed to get pictures with nearly all the major names in the race, including Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    It’s a pretty cool way to understand American politics, if you think about it. After all, they need to do their research, follow candidates on the campaign trail, go to all these events and listen to all the campaign speeches before getting their selfies. They now feel informed enough to settle on their personal endorsement (even though they’re too young to vote):

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  • Guess how the internet is reacting to that.

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