Jeb Bush Has Finally Lost His Mind

  • On February 16, 2016 at 4:27 pm ET, Jeb Bush finally snapped.

  • What does this mean? Why did he do it? It could only be for two reasons.

    A) It’s a last ditch effort to pander to right wing, NRA-supporters, the only people left who can save his ailing campaign.

    B) The inside of Jeb’s brain has melted into a collection of loosely-connected synapses, firing random thoughts and images embedded during the last year, words and concepts smashed into his noggin, forming the ultimate concept of what an American president is. What an American president must be.

    If the answer is B, well, that’s quite sad. But Twitter is not a forgiving beast. Within 40 minutes, the tweet has been resoundingly meme-ified with hilarious (though depressing considering the country in which we live and its choice of traditional conservative leaders) results.

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