Selfie-Taking Tourists Kill Endangered Baby Dolphin

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  • This story had the entire internet losing faith in humanity this week – an endangered baby dolphin that died after it was scooped out of the water on a beach and passed around by a crowd of tourists for selfies.

    A video taken by one of the locals shows the little animal squirming to get free as people swarm around it to pet it or take pictures with it, oblivious to the fact that the dolphin was rapidly dehydrating out of the water. Eventually it was left to die in the mud.

    The incident took place at the resort town of Santa Teresita in Argentina, one of the few habitats in the world for La Plata or Franciscana dolphins. There are fewer than 30,000 left in the wild.

    The Argentine Wildlife Foundation released a statement condemning the tourists’ behavior, saying: “This incident should help the public understand the urgent need to return these dolphins to the sea when they get close to the shore.”