Martin Shkreli Fights With Former Chopped Contestant… And Wins?

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  • Elizabeth Mwanga, a former Chopped competitor and champion for Diabetes research, got into a half hour long argument with former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli.

    The whole debacle took place on a video chatting platform and started when Shkreli made fun of Mwanga’s inability to prevent feedback on her computer and commented on Mwanga’s eyebrows.

    Mwanga’s confrontation with Shkreli quickly devolved into trolling with the following statements made by Shkreli:

    – “I bought the [black] culture, it’s mine!”

    – “With enough money I’ll be black.”

    However, Mwanga’s comments about Shkreli’s heritage, and her lack of knowledge regarding the situation surrounding the scandal Shkreli actually has the internet ACTUALLY SIDING SHKRELI (outside the usual racist and sexist comments of course).

    They’re both terrible people really.