The Boy Who Saved The Store and Got The Job

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  • How to Get Hired: 101, featuring Devin Washington, the boy who stopped a robbery while interviewing for a job at Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. This is a real story, and it happened yesterday.

    Washington, an 18-year-old defensive linebacker (how convenient) was being interviewed for a job at Popeye’s when a cashier announced that they were being robbed. Luckily for them, Devin, who is 6’4, held the guy down until help arrived. Needless to say, he was offered the job on the spot.

    I personally think this story is amazing, because I know many people who would likely freeze up in a situation like this. Hell, even I would freeze up in a situation like this. If I was anywhere near a robbery, I wouldn’t know what to do and I’d probably run and hide somewhere. But Devin Washington isn’t like most people, and he decided to jump in and be a hero without hesitation. The world needs more people like Devin.