Mormon Missionary Survives Third Brush With Terrorism

  • Proving he is either the luckiest or unluckiest person alive, 19 year old Mason Wells, a Mormon Missionary from Utah, has survived his third brush with terrorism. Mason was in Boston to watch his mother, Kymberly Wells, run the Boston Marathon in 2013. While he wasn’t in the area that was bombed, he was close enough to hear the explosion and see the panic that ensued.

    Then in November of 2015, Mason and his father were near Paris when a series of attacks killed 130 people and injured 368. Granted, he was a reported “two hours away” that day, but that certainly puts him too close for comfort during the ensuing man hunts and uncertainty that engulfed the area for days afterward.

    To round out his trifecta, Mason was in the Brussels airport on March 21st, 2016 when bombs tore through the terminal and a metro station. He and two of his fellow missionaries were hurt. While all three are expected to recover, Mason remains in the hospital with a burned hand, achilles tendon that had to be surgically repaired, and injuries to the side of his face.

    Despite all of this, Mason remains optimistic and in good spirits, saying the experience has only “fortified his personal faith that God is there.” Perhaps his outlook after these encounters should help remind us all that terrorist attacks can really only cover a limited area, that statistically, even if you’re nearby, you have a better chance of surviving than not. Their goal is to create fear and chaos, both of which can reach well beyond the relatively small space they affect, but only if we let it.

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    Mason: “Hey bro, wanna plan a vacation?”

    Me: “No thanks”


    they should make a movie out of him?

    Then there are the inevitable conspiracy theorists who don’t think any of the attacks even happened. Sigh.


    Crisis actor. Look into it.