Hillary Clinton Gets a Lesson in “Mansplaining” from Jimmy Kimmel

  • Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Via: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • Hillary Clinton has apparently developed a reputation for shouting a lot on the campaign trail. No matter that she’s in a race against America’s Loudest Man™ Bernie Sanders. America hates loud women. In a recent interview with the former Secretary of State, New York Senator, and FLOTUS, Jimmy Kimmel seized an opportunity to expose some of the double standards that have followed her campaign — by “mansplaining” them to her.

    While Hillary makes a stump speech, Jimmy heckles her with critiques that run the gambit from absurd to downright offensive. He questions Hillary’s choice of outfit. He tells Hillary to smile, and when she smiles, he tells her not to overdo it – “Are you running to be President or a Laker Girl?” He criticizes her loud, “shrill” voice, but when Hillary speaks softly, Jimmy calls her on that, too. “We can’t hear you! You’re like mouse up there!”

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  • The bit was a little heavy handed, but Kimmel & Clinton definitely got the point across: people say a lot of sexist shit to Hillary Clinton. Jimmy’s obviously contradictory, redundant, and baseless critiques actually broke down most of the double standards that not just Clinton, but all women face on a regular and exhausting basis. At the end of the segment, Hillary finally calls him out on the absurdity of his mansplaining. “It’s like nothing I do is right.” “Exactly!” says Jimmy. “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but you’re not…”

    “A man?”

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  • And that’s the problem. The media isn’t criticizing Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump for picking the wrong outfits, for speaking shrilly, for not smiling, for being too aggressive or not aggressive enough or too much or too little of anything. Because when everyone that came before you looks exactly like you, nobody questions whether you look Presidential.