Huge Gorilla Tries to Attack a Man Through the Glass

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  • Let’s be honest, most people who go to a gorilla enclosure at the zoo have one goal in mind: they want to see a male gorilla get aggressive and punch things.

    This guy certainly got his wish, and a viral video to boot, when he managed to provoke a huge Silverback into hurling itself at the window at him as he stood there with his back turned.

    The incident happened at the Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska (which is where I’m from, by the way — the city, not the zoo) and is quickly blowing up on YouTube.

    The range of emotions triggered by this video goes something like 1) “wow, that gorilla is huge and scary,” 2) “kind of sucks that it’s living in captivity,” and 3) “oh sure, dude, you’re SO BRAVE AND MANLY for not flinching, it’s not like that animal could rip your arms off if there weren’t three layers of glass protecting you.”

    The man might have been a little less macho about it if the gorilla had broken the glass like it managed to do the last time it went viral:

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