Is This Father/Daughter Dance Inappropriate?

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  • Few things get people on Facebook more riled up than “you’re parenting wrong” – especially when it comes to young girls getting close to puberty.

    So it’s not surprising that a Facebook video of a father dancing around his kitchen carrying his daughter with her legs wrapped around his waist caused a bit of a controversy.

    It actually looks pretty innocent and sweet on the face of it — the dad is holding his daughter and swaying to the music while making dinner, and he dips her a few times to make her laugh.

    But the girl is just old enough for some viewers to see it in a sexual light, particularly at the end of the video when the father kisses the girl’s neck. Unfortunately, we’re so used to pre-teen girls being sexualized by fashion and the media, any display of physical affection between an older girl and a man can make people uncomfortable.

    A bunch of commenters on the video were quick to say that this display was inappropriate and lecture on how these parents should be raising their daughter — but others are coming to the dad’s defense.

    What do you think – is the video innocent or uncomfortable? Let us know in the comments.