Instagram Is Making Another Change!

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  • Instagram has been changing a lot lately, but I feel like this is a change that we’ve all been waiting for to happen. The app just announced that they will now be allowing users to post Instagram videos that are 60 seconds long, as opposed to their previous limit of 15 seconds. It’s a big jump, but it’s pretty innovative if you ask me.

    The change has brought in nothing but positive reviews, because apparently people love the idea that they can now post a minute long video about something that their followers probably won’t even care about! This new feature now gives users the opportunity to share more detailed stories (or longer, conceited selfie gifs). This also gives businesses a better opportunity to advertise themselves, although this could backfire on us, because who wants to watch 60-second ads while scrolling through their feed?

    Instagram also stated that they will be allowing iOS users to make videos out of multiple movie clips from their phone, which is awesome because now you can piece together a montage of your day and post it for everyone to see, instead of only posting one continuous video.

    Here’s to a brighter future, Instagram. We’re all rooting for you. Keep making executive decisions like this, and we’ll keep you around longer. Cheers!