This Sexy/Creepy Robot Looks a Lot Like Scarlett Johansson

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  • It looks like this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke after all — Hong Kong graphic designer Ricky Ma has reportedly created a robot that looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson, that winks and giggles when you pay it compliments.

    The inevitable robot apocalypse just got one step closer, and a little bit creepier.

    The Daily Mail reports that Ma spent 18 months building the robot that winks and giggles when you compliment her. It reportedly took him a year and a half and $50,000 to build it, using 3D printers to make 70% of her body including rib cage and pelvis.

    He refuses to say who the robot is inspired by, but admits that it’s a Hollywood star — and the robot is programmed to giggle and say “thank you” when he calls it beautiful, and wink when he says it’s cute.

    Ma says that he’s always loved robots because he watched a lot of animation as a kid. He also says that now that he’s fulfilled his lifelong dream of making a robot, he’ll have no regrets in life. He’s hoping that an entrepreneur will buy his prototype and one day mass produce it.

    It kind of raises an interesting question — if we ever get to the point where robots move beyond the Uncanny Valley and behave convincingly like people, what are the ethics of making them resemble celebrities? Will stars like Johansson one day have to sue to stop people from making sex robots in their likeness?

    And of course, who will be the sexy robots’ first victims when the uprising happens?