Chihuahua Leads San Francisco Police on High-Speed Chase

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  • It only takes a cute little dog on the loose to shut down San Francisco’s Bay Bridge on a busy Sunday.

    The local California Highway Patrol was led on a chase from Oakland to San Francisco after a chihuahua managed to wander onto the bridge and kept running away from police officers when they tried to help him. They had to shut down part of the bridge to bring him to safety.

    Fortunately they were able to catch up to him and get him off the bridge before he got hurt, and take him to an animal shelter. Workers at the shelter have named the dog Ponch, after Erik Estrada’s character from “C.H.I.P.S.”, that buddy copy show from the 1970s.

    The Highway Patrol is having the time of their lives with this story while they look for Ponch’s family, posing for photos with him and joking with people on Twitter.

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  • As of last night, Ponch was doing well at San Francisco Animal Care but his owner still hadn’t been found. We hope they turn up soon, or that Ponch gets adopted by another loving family.