Houstonians Drive Their Cars Right Into A Flooded Street

  • Houston took a huge hit this weekend from a series of thunderstorms and a huge chunk of the city is flooded. I mean, just look at this shit!

  • Screen shot 2016 04 18 at 9.50.52 am
  • The dangerous flood waters are what brought KTRK Houston’s Steve Campion to the scene. What he found was not just a flooded street, but two cars attempting to traverse what had become, essentially, a river.

  • RememberThe Oregon Trail? NEVER TRY TO FORD THE RIVER!!

  • Drowned

    Source: www.caffeinenebula.com

  • After hanging out of his window and asking the broadcasters what the hell he was supposed to do, the driver eventually left the car and swam to safety, with Campion holding his hand until he reached shore (street).