NY Primary: Clinton, Trump Dominate in the Empire State

  • The drama and suspense of a tightly contested New York primary was over mere seconds after the polls closed as both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored easy victories.

    Early exit polling showed that Donald Trump held such a commanding lead over John Kasich and Ted Cruz that news networks kicked off their election night coverage by confidently declaring Trump the winner.

    Considering he captured 60% of the vote in his home state, Trump’s victory speech was remarkably humble (by his standards) and he was borderline gracious when he restrained from continuing to refer to Cruz as “Lying Ted.”

    Rounding out the Republican podium, Kasich elbowed out Cruz for the second spot, leaving the Canadian born Texas senator with just 15% percent of the vote and facing his longest odds yet at earning the Republican nomination.

    On the Democratic side, the race between Clinton and Bernie Sanders remained too close to call for the duration of Trump’s victory speech. Soon after though, Clinton decisively pulled away, erasing any chance that a recent poll showing Sanders had pulled to within 2% had any chance of coming true. For her, it was a big step towards sealing the Democratic nomination and she used her victory speech to start appealing to Sanders supporters, “I believe there is much more than unites us than divides us.”

    Primary elections continue for both parties next Tuesday in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. If historical trends continue to hold, expect a clean sweep from Trump with Clinton and Sanders splitting the five states. For Sanders, his best chance at staying in the race would be win to big in Pennsylvania which has 210 delegates up for grabs. Standing in his way is the fact that Clinton won the Keystone State in 2008.