Jagermeister the Dog Rescued After Going Overboard

Jagermeister the Jack Russell terrier might enjoy going out in a boat a little bit less than he used to, after spending more than three hours lost at sea all by himself.

The poor 12-year-old dog was found five miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico by a group of friends on a boating trip, bobbing in the waves thanks to his little orange animal life vest.

It turned out he was out for a boat ride with his owner, and he accidentally fell overboard while the man was below decks checking on something.

Jagermeister’s dad immediately called the Coast Guard to report his missing dog, and after a few hours, he started to give up hope. But the tired dog was pulled out of the water and taken to the closest Coast Guard station.

The dog’s owner was overjoyed to see him. “He had tears,” said Robin Knecht, one of the people who rescued him. “He said, ‘I had given up. I had searched as long as I could and we just couldn’t see him, and we just thought we lost him. […] It’s my baby and I’m just so glad.’”