Regenerating Dead Brains: Incredible Science, or Start of the Zombie Apocalypse?

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  • In the new, not at all creepily named ReAnima Project, Philadelphia-based biotech company Bioquark plans to rejuvenate the brains of clinically braindead patients on life support. They plan to do this by injecting stem cells and peptides into 20 different patients’ brains, then carefully monitoring the results to see if the brains demonstrate any signs of activity. They face an uphill battle: usually, brain cells do not regenerate on their own, and getting them to do so is an as-yet untested field of neuroscience.

    When asked about the project by NewsBeat Social, Bioquark CEO Ira Pasto said “Obviously, a complete human re-animation event is a far reaching goal, but one that we do not forsee [sic] as impossible.” In plain English, this means that no, Bioquark will not be Frankensteining any corpses anytime soon… but they’re thinking about it.

    The story, which went viral on Reddit, has armchair scientists everywhere questioning Bioquark’s role and motivations. While many commenters have pointed out that this is a noble effort to improve the quality of life of those on life support, plenty of others have noted that holy sh*t this is how the zombie apocalypse starts.

    What do you think? Is Bioquark saving lives, or are they secretly Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Corporation in disguise?