Company Shockingly Takes Guy’s Carrot Complaints Seriously

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  • When Aaron Swift tweeted the above about a UK brand’s carrots, he found himself very surprised.

    In the age of social media, it’s not rare to see companies addressing complaints via platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Usually we hear about airlines trying to mop up whatever mistakes they’ve made, but this time it’s a UK convenience store that has gone above and beyond.

    Swift tweeted about the dubious quality of Tesco’s carrots, remarking that the bag he’d just bought contained some pretty questionable food stuffs. As we usually see, the company’s twitter account responded.

  • Some time later, Swift responded with an analysis of the carrot’s quality:

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  • And though the conversation went into direct messages, he later tweeted that Tesco had not only refunded him, but gave him even more money to purchase carrots. The goal is for Swift to quality check multiple bags in the way he had done so with the original.

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  • Talk about going above and beyond!

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