Teen Stripper Allegedly Stuck Potato in Tailpipe, Set Fire to Building

  • Are stripping zombie nurses not enough for you? Do you need your strippers to be accused of multiple felonies? Then have I got the story for you.

    Local Connecticut news station WTNH reports the story of Willow Martin, a 19-year-old stripper who is accused by police of setting fire to a building as part of a revenge plot against a coworker who, according to Martin’s boyfriend Matthew Garguilo, was slow to repay a loan Martin gave her.

    Martin was busted after the owner of the building that was the target of the alleged arson gave investigators a potato he recovered from his van’s tailpipe. The potato was sent to the state forensic lab for potential DNA evidence. Though the original article does not make it clear whether any DNA was recovered, or if any DNA found belongs to either Martin or Garguilo, police arrested Garguilo in connection with the fire last week. According to police, Garguilo told them Martin was responsible for setting fire to the business, doing so because she wanted to target the business owner, whose daughter did not fully repay a loan Martin gave her.

    According to WTNH, Garguilo told police Martin put the potato in the tailpipe “because she heard it could blow up the engine.” This is based on an urban legend, best-known for its appearance in the movie Beverly Hills Cop (in the classic banana in a tailpipe scene).

    Martin was arrested and as of this writing is being held on a total of $110,000 in bonds. She is charged with “second-degree arson, conspiracy to commit arson, third-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of burglar’s tools, conspiracy to commit possession of burglar’s tools, first-degree criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief,” according to WTNH.

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