World Comes Together to Support Nice Attack Victims

  • Nice, a city in the South of France, was the latest target of a terrorist attack this week. (We previously covered the details of the attack.) As with the Paris attacks and the shooting in Orlando, people across the world have responded with love and open arms to the victims.

    In the midst of the horror of the attacks, there have been a few bright glimmers of humanity. The hashtag #NicePortesOuvertes, or “Nice Open Doors,” spread on Twitter as people freely offered sanctuary to people escaping the attacks. Hotels offered free lodging to people with nowhere else to go. One Twitter shared this striking image of people occupying the lobby of the Hotel Negresco:

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  • Taxi drivers shuttled people away from the disaster, often at no cost:

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  • And this image was widely shared across all social media:

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  • If you’re in France, you can donate blood. The EFS, or Établissement Français du Sang, has an information page here. People anywhere in the world can donate to the French Red Cross or through Give for France, an organization set up for this purpose.