Gross, A Company Is Threatening To Sue A 14 Year Old YouTuber Over Bad Reviews

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  • 14 year-old Luqman Wadood of InCrunch is in serious trouble over a video series that may land him in Norwegian court for harassment charges.

    Wadood had created a series titled “MacKeeper Sucks” which contained 5 videos describing the company’s product as a scam and contained several recordings of Wadood prank calling the service. The only exception is one video which was actually critical of the service, and according to Wadood, proves the service is a scam. The company fired back at the YouTuber, threatening to sue Wadood for an undisclosed amount for harassment.

  • Harassment
  • They also threatened to sue for libel and slander based off Wadood’s videos which state that the service is a scam, and paints it in an unfavorable light.

    Despite comments on Reddit claiming that MacKeeper may actually have a case against Wadood over his videos, can we take a step back and see that the company is suing a 14 year-old boy for being a 14 year-old boy?

    Yes, it’s technically harassment, but instead of starting with a cease-and-desist (which isn’t what the email is, at this point it’s already been escalated to filing harassment claims against Wadood), the company immediately jumped the gun and sent the kid a legal notice. Not only that, the notice contained a thinly veiled threat regarding the cost of fighting the case versus removing the unfavorable video.

  • Libel and slander
  • Wadood has removed four of the five videos listed, it is unknown is MacKeeper will continue litigation over the fifth video which Wadood claims he will not remove.

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