Trump Insinuates His Supporters Should Literally Assassinate Clinton

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  • Donald Trump. Holy hell. He just… What? What? How is he not already in jail? These are his exact words:

    “By the way, and if she gets to pick… if she gets to pick her judges… nothin’ you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

    That’s a major party’s officially nominated presidential candidate implying that there’s something Second Amendment fans can “do” to stop another candidate from nominating federal judges. And it got a laugh from the crowd.

    We’ve gone after Trump over both silly stuff like his salute to 7/11 first responders and serious stuff like his war with Khizr Khan. But this might just be the worst thing he’s done so far.

    Even so, I’d be very surprised if any real consequence comes from this. If Trump can suggest that a foreign nation’s government should hack federal servers and get away with it, this isn’t that much worse, legally speaking. I mean, if private citizens did these kinds of things, they’d be thrown in prison. But the federal government doesn’t want to be seen as “interfering,” so they’ll do nothing. Sigh.

    For what it’s worth, Trump put out a statement on the “dishonest media” on Twitter:

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  • Yeah, that’s bullshit. His original statement explicitly said that Second Amendment people would do something after Clinton is elected and picking judges. How are their votes going to change anything then? Come on, guys…

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