The Guy Who Climbed Trump Tower Apparently Uploaded a Creepy Manifesto

  • Some horrifying stuff happens inside Trump Tower — and I’m not just talking about the grill’s taco salads. But for once, something horrifying happened on the outside.

    If you’ve paid attention to the news at all recently, you know that a mystery man tried to scale the exterior of Trump Tower with suction cups, only to be ripped down by New York police:

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  • As of this writing, details are scarce about this man. We know his name is Stephen Rogata, he’s from Virginia, and he’s currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital. But, as uncovered by Gawker, it appears that he gave the world advance notice of his plans — and they may not be what you think.

    In the video above, uploaded the day before the climbing attempt and titled “Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)”, a man who closely resembles the climber addresses Donald Trump. He claims that he needs to seek an audience with the Republican Presidential candidate, but won’t say for what purpose. He goes on to say that he will climb Trump Tower to gain Trump’s attention, and urges viewers to make the video go viral and vote Trump.

    Plenty of Twitter jokes, memes, and political jabs on both sides have surfaced in the wake of this attempt to climb Trump Tower. We won’t be sharing them. It appears that this man is suffering at least from delusions, and at worst from serious mental illness. We’ll just say that we hope he gets the help he needs, and we’re relieved his climbing attempt didn’t result in disaster.

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