Apple Announces iOS 10, Hopefully It Isn’t as Dumb as the iPhone 7

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  • Apple is set to release iOS 10 on September 13th. According to The Verge, the operating software will be the largest ever released by Apple, so get ready to delete all those apps you love like Tinder and Pokémon Go to make room. (The update also comes just in time for the new iOS Mario game announced recently.)

    The update focuses heavily on Siri, improving image searches, handling transcribing voicemails, and writing your text messages. Siri has also been opened to outside developers, so that you can ask Siri for an Uber, or use WhatsApp. In other words, Apple has launched the world further on the path towards Skynet. At least the end of the world will have a pleasant, customizable voice!

    Apple has also introduced the much-awaited ability to delete built in apps, because Apple has realized just how much everyone hates those totally useless apps Contacts and Photos. Along with this ability, Apple has refreshed Messages, including enlarged emoji. Get ready for confused texts from your grandparents featuring a string of moons, the devil mask, and the dude with a mustache.

    Also new to iOS 10 is what Apple is calling the Universal Clipboard, which allows users to copy an image from their phones and immediately paste it on their MacBooks. iOS 10 also adds the ability to lift a phone from your pocket or a desk to see your lock screen, so say goodbye to subtly trying to check your messages in a meeting or at the movies.

    This news comes in the wake of this week’s iPhone 7 announcement. We already covered why we think it’s dumb, but since then, College Humor has released its own hilarious parody of the phone and the announcement:

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