This Girl Had Very Different Reactions to Meeting Obama and Trump

  • Donald Trump has been in the news quite a bit over the past year, arguably not for necessarily “positive” reasons. For instance, here’s a list of Trump slams from the Democratic National Convention.

    Mari Copeny made headlines earlier this year when she wrote a heartfelt letter to President Obama telling him what she’s doing to support her community dealing with the after-effects of the Flint water crisis. Obama responded by going to Flint and paying Mari a personal visit. Super touching right?

  • Littlemissflint


  • Then this happened. Donald Trump paid a visit to Flint, Michigan on Wednesday and also met with Little Miss Flint.

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  • Needless to say, people noticed a bit of a difference in Mari’s reaction to meeting the Republican presidential candidate. Twitter users had a lot to say about the photo.

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  • Mari seemed a little more at ease about meeting Mr. Trump in this video, so maybe that was just a super terrible photo. But either way, Little Miss Flint’s reaction isn’t doing Trump any PR favors.

  • Little Miss Flint at Donald Trump visit

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