Ted Cruz Endorses Trump in Staggering Display of Spinelessness

  • After months of hesitation, Ted Cruz has handed Donald Trump his endorsement in a Facebook post that immediately went viral. Cruz was Trump’s biggest rival for the Republican nomination, and is now one of the last to give Trump his vote. (John Kasich and Jeb Bush are still holding out, potentially forever.) This is just the latest of many reasons to make fun of Cruz — remember the conspiracy theory that he’s the Zodiac Killer?

    Despite standing on the Republican National Convention stage in July and announcing “vote your conscience”, Cruz will be voting for Trump. “Vote Your Conscience” is, famously, the slogan for the #NeverTrump movement. Cruz also said, after he was booed off the convention stage, that he was not “in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and my father”. Even so, Cruz said that he was always #NeverHillary and that Trump is the only way to stop her.

    Cruz and Trump, the two leading candidates of the Republican party, notably traded harsh words on the campaign trail. These words included Trump accusing Cruz’s father of being part of the JFK assassination and criticizing his wife’s looks. For his part, Cruz called Trump a “serial philanderer”, an “amoral, pathological liar”, and a “braggadocious, arrogant buffoon”. Apparently, all this is A-OK now.

    After the convention in July, Trump stepped forward and said that he did not want Cruz’s endorsement. After Cruz actually offered his endorsement, he said that he was “honored” to have it. Hmm.

    Ted Cruz may have changed his mind on supporting Trump after Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, said there would be “sanctions” against Republicans who signed the loyalty pledge and refused to support the Republican nominee. Priebus refused to go into more detail, but with Cruz planning a 2020 run, he may have wanted to avoid whatever was implied.

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