Martin Shkreli Offers to Save 4chan From Financial Ruin

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  • 4chan, the online messaging board linked to the celebrity nudes leak from two years ago, as well as GamerGate, is running out of money. Hiroyuki Nisimura, who last year bought the website from its founder Christopher Poole, posted the above this week.

    Nisimura reports that the website is down to three options. It would like to continue its existence, so something must change. Either sell more subscriptions, include “much more” advertising, which could include potentially malicious ads, or cut traffic to the site in half. According to the Verge, the third option can be accomplished through closing message boards, slowing down the site, or reducing the size of images able to be posted.

    The board of directors at 4chan arrived at these options after attempting to keep 4chan the same and failing. But all the operating costs, including infrastructure costs, network fees, server costs, and more are dragging the website towards being financially unfeasible.

    Perhaps luckily for 4chan, the internet’s favorite punching bag (literally) Martin Shkreli says he is interested in joining the board of directors:

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  • Nisimura responded on Twitter:

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  • This move would likely include a money buy-in, so 4chan could have that on the horizon. Martin Shkreli: the hero 4chan deserves?

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