Trump Accused of Calling Deaf ‘Apprentice’ Contestant ‘Retarded’

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  • If you have record of any offensive or vulgar comments Trump has made in the past, it seems like now is the best time to let ’em out.

    Ever since news broke of the lewd comments the Presidential nominee made back in 2005, Trump has been under constant scrutiny (as if he wasn’t already). Statements made by Trump in the past have continued to rise to the surface, and they are not getting any better. The man clearly has no filter.

    So, a long time ago, before we feared that Trump could possibly be our country’s next president, he starred on a show called The Apprentice. Although the show initially featured a group of 16-18 business people vying to be hired by Trump, himself, a new format was introduced in 2007 — The Celebrity Apprentice. The premise of the show was essentially the same; the only difference being that, now, celebrities were competing to raise money for their respective charities.

    According to Raw Story, reports have come out accusing Trump of attacking deaf actress, Marlee Matlin, who placed second in Season 11 of the show.

    The Daily Beast reports that although aired footage showed Trump complimenting the star for her work, three longtime staff members beg to differ. According to staff reports, Trump regularly would disrespect Matlin and would treat her physical disability as a mental handicap. More specifically, Trump would leave notes in the set’s boardroom that read “Marlee, is she retarded?”

    Matlin recently released this statement in response:

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  • For the “smart” and “successful” businessman Trump claims to be, someone should really teach him to keep these comments to himself. After all, you never know when they might come back to haunt you… (AKA now, when you’re trying to become President!)

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