This Massive Sea Monster Was Blown in by Hurricane Nicole

  • King Krusty



  • This fourteen-pound lobster aka KRAKEN OF THE SEA was blown in from the depths of the ocean thanks to Hurricane Nicole. The last time we reported on ~lobster news~ was about two years ago when this girl caught a big blue lobster in Maine! Anyways, a super lucky fishing charter off the coast of Bermuda announced the stellar catch, took some pics for proof, and then threw Mr. Lobster back to the sea. Aye.

    Sanctuary Marine Bermuda, the company that caught this big spiny lobster, wrote on their Facebook page that “Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters!”

    The company added:

    “Hopefully people will see the hook in it’s toe (sic) and realize we caught it by accident and only pulled it on land to get the hook out and untangle it from our fishing line before letting it back go.”

  • Here’s the video from Marine Sanctuary Bermuda.

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  • Some Twitter users have speculated what it would be like to cook and or eat the King of Lobsters… but most people were happy that he was let go to live out his days under da sea. So many jokes today!

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  • No telling how much Good Lobster Karma is to come from this catch and release tale.

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