Apple Might Be Taking Away Your Keyboard

  • Tim cook wwdc 2012


  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple might taking away your keyboard — kind of. They may be replacing it with a customizable one. This comes after they removed the headphone jack in the iPhone and replaced it with… nothing. It’s just worse now.

    The reason for the speculation is that Apple is reportedly (according to the Guardian) in talks to acquire Sonder, an Australian startup focused on customizable keyboard technology.

    The customizable keyboard, which the Wall Street Journal reports will be “a standard feature on MacBook laptops,” will be like a blank slate. If you’ve ever used an Amazon Kindle — that’s the general idea. The keyboard will reportedly be digital and changeable, so people who are emoji-addicted (or who type in multiple languages) won’t have to poke around in sub-menus to find the appropriate symbols.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Onion predicted Apple taking away the keyboard in this video from seven freaking years ago:

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  • Seriously, does the Onion have a crystal ball or something? The satirical publication has predicted a few things, includes this election: they wrote a piece about how the next Republican nominee would be a “white hot sphere of pure rage”. That was after Romney lost the election in 2012. The next Republican nominee? Donald Trump. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

    Apple’s been taking everything we love away. What’s next, our thumbs?

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