Women Are Getting Actual Baby Scorpions Painted on Their Nails

  • Mexican salon owner Rocío Vidales doing a “scorpion manicure.”

    Scorpion nails

    Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

  • Women in Latin America are pioneering a deadly new fashion trend called Scorpion Manicures. Yes, they are indeed gluing dead, baby scorpions to their fingernails in the name of f*cking fashion. This is maybe the weirdest, most dangerous fashion story we’ve done since Kanye gave models heat stroke a couple months ago.

    It all started in Durango, Mexico with salon owner Rocio Vidales and her scorpion-enthusiast friend Lupita Garcia.

    According to the Daily Mail,

    “It started out as a sick joke’, said Vidales. “We’ve had women come here from across North America specifically to have baby scorpions fitted to their nails.”

  • Baby scorpions are piled up next to polish at Miss Uñas salon in Durango, Mexico.


    Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

  • The fashion statement began in September when Garcia asked Vidales to give her a scorpion-themed manicure. According to the Daily Mail, here’s how that works.

    1. The insects are killed before they go near the manicurist’s table. While the stingers are left on, Rocío says she never touches the animals with her hands.

    2. The tiny scorpions are glued onto women’s nails. Despite being less than a week old, they are still highly venomous.

    3. The nails dry and the manicure is complete.

    Not-Fun Fact: Although they grow to just 4cm in length, the venom from Centruroides Suffuses (the type of scorpion used) can kill an adult human in 15 to 20 minutes. More than a thousand people were killed in Durango state in northern Mexico by the deadly insects last year… Why WOULDN’T you put those on your nails?!

  • Here’s a video if you feel like watching.

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  • According to Vidales, women come from North America down to Durango for the new manicure. The style is definitely bold and cutting edge, if not a little terrifying. Here’s one last picture to haunt your dreams:

  • Pink scorpion

    Source: www.huffingtonpost.ca

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