Donald Trump Takes First Step Towards Trump TV With Facebook Live Show

  • Donald Trump has announced that he’s hosting a Facebook Live broadcast. From now until the election, you can catch the human pumpkin at 6:30 ET (3:30 PT) on his official Facebook page. This could be the first step towards Trump TV and its inevitably atrocious scheduling. The show will also feature appearances from Tomi Lahren, AKA she who feels no shame.

    The first episode featured Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and advisor Jason Miller. There will be different guests and interviews for every day. In promoting the broadcast, Trump wrote (emphasis original):

    “This is a HISTORIC movement. Together, we will once again make a government by, for and of the people! Help us close out the final weeks of this campaign strong and WIN.”

    Trump, or more accurately his camp, made that post on Facebook. See, the problem is, historic is not necessarily a “good” word. As Inigo Montoya would say, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.” Lincoln’s assassination was historic. Everything Hitler did was historic. And Donald Trump’s candidacy is, like it or not, historic. I don’t feel good. Good thing this election’s almost over, am I right?

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