Theater Fanatics Are All Singing “One Day More” Before Election Day

  • Scene from Les Miserables’ iconic “One Day More”.

  • If you like Broadway, you PROBABLY loved Les Miserables. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back in time and watch the trailer for the latest cinematic depiction of the classic.

    So Broadway fans are drawing parallels between our current political situation and the famous musical about the French Revolution by singing “One Day More”, which actually makes a whole lot of sense. Check out these tweets about pre-election day angst, anxiety, and excitement.

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  • It’s actually very real, guys.

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  • So there you have it. We are taking on our fears and dreads by masking them in show tunes and pretending that this all will end at the close of a curtain. PSST: It won’t. No matter who wins tomorrow, the political animosity consuming our country will not cease, and we will have to find new musicals to compare our lives to. Cheers!

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