“C U in the NT” Slogan Surprisingly Angers Australians

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    Source: www.abc.net.au / Via: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-08/c-u-in-the-nt-tourism-slogan-causes-social-media-stir/8004430

  • “C U in the NT” is a new, controversial slogan advertising tourism in the Northern Territory in Australia. The people behind the slogan have no association with the Tourism Board for the Northern Territory. Instead, the campaign is born simply out of love for the beauty of the territory. Beauty that can also be found in Canada, in case you (like me) are an American petrified how today’s election turns out.

    According to leading Australian publication ABC.net, the slogan is causing substantial controversy and outrage. Though the outrage might make perfect sense to Americans unfamiliar with Australian slang, we’re surprised it’s getting this much heat in Australia. Some words don’t translate well – bloody means two different things in “proper” conversation in the US and in England. The c-word is one of those words: it’s used so frequently in Australia that, along with “Straya” (or “Australia”), it’s practically a national catchphrase.

    This controversy has brought more attention to the Northern Territories though, according to ABC.net. People have paid more attention to the Northern Territory, and some have found out about it for the first time. All because of this highly-suggestive slogan.

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